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nereusmedia is an independent publisher of print books and digital media, providing publishing services for your book or website. explore our blogs, marketing and design consulting services, and our growing catalog of books and digital social media.


book or blog, it begins with writing, from "Seven Clones of Barack Obama" by Bensa Magos to "Dead Suns Eleven" by William Mitchell, "Dark Spirit House" by Otsu Grail to "The Kathu Journals out of Lovecraft's Providence" by August Moldenhauer.


print or digital, our design philosophy follows a simple goal, to deliver a unique experience beyond the medium. from book design to graphic design to web design, all come together to form a compelling and immersive experience.


bookstore or social media, print content reaches the reader, from brick and mortar to to digital content across social media sites, blogs, and vlogs for top brand recognition, advertising effectivity and wide distribution.

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a book is more then bound printed pages, it is a world if ideas waiting to be explored.

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nereusmedia books offers a growing catalog of cutting edge fiction novels and non-fiction books including literary, science fiction, horror, technology, critical theory, satirical, paranormal and political titles. Browse our bookstore and visit our book review blog.

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nereusmedia provides publishing services for both print and digital formats, include copy writing, editing, layout, book & graphic design, publishing and distribution in local bookstores or online at Amazon or Lulu. Visit our publishing blog to review our catalog.

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nereusmedia publishing presents two new titles from our print book catalog. August Moldenhauer's "The Kathu Journals out of Lovecraft's Providence", a transmedia book within a book tale exploring the horror's of cthulhu, and William Mitchell's "Dead Suns Eleven", a science fiction novel of sentient black hole beings at the end of the dying universe. The books are available on here and here , where your purchase supports new authors and independant publishing.